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Bradley Parish Council will be holding their Bi-monthly meetings on the following dates for 2024. They are currently held at St Michaels Church, Great Coates Road and start at 7pm. Please note the 9th May meeting also includes the AGM.

4th January                                       9th May                              5th September

7th March                                          4th July                               7th November


Bradley Parish Council will be holding their Council Surgeries on the following dates for 2024. They are held at St Georges Church, Church Lane, Bradley and run from 11.00 to 12.00 noon.

3rd February                                     1st June                                 5th October

6th April                                             3rd August                            7th December 




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Because of its' small turnover Bradley Parish Council is exempt from having to make all items on this website accessible to all.

However if anyone is having difficulty in viewing items on our website please contact us on or by telephone on 07849 194866 and we will do our best to help.

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Val Turner.


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Tel - 078 4919 4866 (Mon-Fri 10-4pm)


The Parish of Bradley

Bradley Parish is a small Parish with approximately 130 residents. It is a very picturesque village situated in the countryside on the outskirts of Grimsby, between Laceby and Waltham and approximately 4 miles from the Town Centre, 2 miles from the A180, leading to the M180, the M18 and ultimately the M1.

As there is no village hall the central point of the village is St Georges Church which holds much history and is set in a pretty setting at the corner of Church Lane.

Just outside the village is a relatively new development of a Football Training Complex.

The Community consists of many diverse ages and professions all of which will happily come together if the need arises. Within the community it is felt that keeping the village as a traditional village is very important, and even though there has been a small development of 12 properties on what was originally a farmyard, over the last 3 years this has not changed the ethos of the village in any way.

There are many Bridleways through the village and around the surrounding area where walkers, dog walkers and horse riders can access the open countryside.