The Council

Bradley Parish Council holds bi-monthly meetings on the first Thursday of the month at St Michaels Church on Great Coates Road. If there are any Planning Applications for the Parish presented in between these meetings then Extra Ordinary Meetings are held.

There are 6 Council Officer positions.  As all current Councillors live in different areas around the village this means there is always a Councillor not far away should a resident need advice on any community issues.

Bradley Parish Council works very closely with the current PCSO to keep any ASB to a minimum, and  now there is a complete CCTV system installed around the village as a further deterrent should the need arise.

At the end of Church Lane Bradley there is a wooded area which is a continuation of one of the bridleways. To ensure horse riders and walkers more safety Bradley Parish Council have installed horse friendly barriers at the entrance to this woodland area to dissuade any would be motorists from feeling curious and wanting to “explore”.